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  1. Lateral vestibulo-spinal tract ( lateral vestibular nucleus  Deiters )-via ventrolateral medulla and spinal cord to ventral funiculus ( lumbo-sacral segments ) . . . Ipsilaterally for posture
  2. Fibres from the lateral vestibular nucleus also pass via the vestibulospinal tract, to anterior horn cells at many levels in the spinal cord, in order to co-ordinate head and trunk movements.
  3. In 1863 a German anatomist Otto Friedrich Karl Deiters described the existence of an unbranched tubular process ( the axon ) extending from some cells in the central nervous system, specifically from the lateral vestibular nucleus.
  4. His name is lent to the " nucleus of Deiters ", also called the lateral vestibular nucleus, and to " Deiters'cells ", structures that are associated with outer hair cells in the cochlea of the inner ear.
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