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  1. The cella media is the central part of the lateral ventricle.
  2. The majority of CSF is produced from within the two lateral ventricles.
  3. Ependyma cover the inside of the lateral ventricles and are epithelial cells.
  4. Most of the initial incidents reported in the lateral ventricle were benign.
  5. It is in the midline, between the left and right lateral ventricles.
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  7. Ependymal cells secrete sodium into the lateral ventricles.
  8. Choroid plexus is found in the superior part of the inferior horn of the lateral ventricles.
  9. The surgery begins by entering the right or left lateral ventricle endoscopically through a burr hole.
  10. The body of the lateral ventricle is the central portion, just posterior to the frontal horn.
  11. The adult SVZ is a paired brain structure situated throughout the lateral walls of the lateral ventricles.
  12. Choroid plexus papilloma occurs in the lateral ventricles of children and in the fourth ventricle of adults.
  13. It follows up along this boundary, continuous with the inferior of the body of the lateral ventricles.
  14. Other uncommon locations are the lateral ventricle, foramen magnum, and the orbit / optic nerve sheath.
  15. CT will usually show distortion of third and lateral ventricles with displacement of anterior and middle cerebral arteries.
  16. As the forebrain develops, the neural cord within it becomes a ventricle, ultimately forming the lateral ventricles.
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