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  1. :The geostationary orbit requires no additional lateral velocity or energy for orbit.
  2. Shallow models must also consider the significant lateral velocity variations in continental crust.
  3. :If you start out spinning with the ring, you will have a lateral velocity.
  4. The phase shifts measured from left and right apertures are combined to give the axial and lateral velocity components.
  5. Top and bottom circular faces are considered as inlet to this domain to get a flow field with higher magnitude of lateral velocity.
  6. It's difficult to find lateral velocity in a sentence.
  7. However, astronomers cannot predict a collision because they do not have an estimate for the closing lateral velocity of the two star systems.
  8. When you jump, that lateral velocity component does not change, so you will continue moving in that direction until you encountered the ring again.
  9. The first stage of the CRS-6 mission managed a soft landing on the platform; however, excess lateral velocity caused it to quickly tip over and explode.
  10. Phillips found the lateral velocity fluctuations were two orders of magnitude greater than the longitudinal, so the lift dipole is 20 dB above the drag dipole.
  11. It is a passage of ducts, laid along the axis of main air stream to minimize the lateral velocity components caused by swirling motion in the air flow during entry.
  12. Your vector is the lateral velocity of the rim at that moment plus whatever impulse your legs can impart; so to reach the axis you need to jump at an angle to negate the rotation.
  13. With the enormous mass of the vessel and the damping effect of the water around the hull the pressure wave generated by the gunfire was felt much more than the slight change in lateral velocity.
  14. An object in orbit is " constantly being pulled " toward the primary; but, if its lateral velocity is great enough, the curving path misses the ground .  talk ) 10 : 11, 16 January 2015 ( UTC)
  15. how did the object, astronaut in this case acquire the lateral velocity ? why should the velocity not slow down when pulled ? is that they are having stationary orbits ? or does that falling astronaut have one ?  Preceding talk ) 20 : 53, 18 January 2015 ( UTC)
  16. Unlike 1D Doppler imaging, which can only provide one-dimensional velocity and has dependency on the beam to flow angle, 2D velocity estimation using Doppler ultrasound is able to generate velocity vectors with axial and lateral velocity components . 2D velocity is useful even if complex flow conditions such as stenosis and bifurcation exist.

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