lateral veins in a sentence

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  1. Leaf mid rib and lateral veins easily seen above and below.
  2. Six to sixteen lateral veins appear from the mid-rib.
  3. The primary, lateral veins have a straight and parallel arrangement.
  4. Secondary growth occurs in midvein and major lateral veins in smaller veinlets.
  5. Domatia often occur where the main leaf vein meets the lateral veins.
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  7. Midrib, lateral veins and net veins evident from below the leaf.
  8. Mostly, the mine is elongate and situated between two lateral veins.
  9. It has 6 12 teeth while its lateral veins comes 10 16 pairs.
  10. It is sometimes restricted by the mid-rib or a lateral vein.
  11. As are numerous yellow coloured bumps along the lateral veins and mid rib.
  12. The mine is mostly positioned over a lateral vein.
  13. Longitudinal section of sorus attached superficially beneath lateral vein ( V ) of pinnule.
  14. The mid rib and lateral veins are visible on both sides of the leaf.
  15. Unlike in other species, the lateral veins do not terminate in leaf serrations.
  16. Midrib and lateral veins a pale green colour.
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