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  1. Larva dark brown with a series of crimson lateral tubercles on a yellow line bearing tufts of grey hair.
  2. The outer whorls have large simple ribs and two rows of massive lateral tubercles, the outer row developing first.
  3. Early whorls have strong lateral ribs with umbilical and lateral tubercles; later whorls smooth except for tubercles at the umbilicus.
  4. More inflated forms usually have flexious ribs that arise from lower lateral tubercles ending in strong clavi at the ventrolateral ends.
  5. Shells are evolute, tending to be broadly discoidal with depressed whorls bearing primary and secondary ribs that branch from outer lateral tubercles.
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  7. Inner whorls are smooth, middle and outer whorls have blunt primary ribs that end abruptly at the ventral shoulder or at ventro-lateral tubercles.
  8. The mature shell of " Alloceratites " has strong, well spaced lateral tubercles and clavi ( nodes ) along either side of the venter.
  9. Behind the trochlea is a posterior process with a medial and a lateral tubercle separated by a groove for the tendon of the " tarsale proximale intermedium ".
  10. ""'Pleuroceras " "'has a planulate shell with a quadrate whorl section, bearing strong radial ribs ending in ventro-lateral tubercles.
  11. "Schloenbachia varians " comprises a highly variable group of medium-sized, involute and compressed to evolute and highly inflated, weak to strongly keeled ammonites, most all of which bear umbilical and lower lateral tubercles.
  12. ""'Kosmoceras " "'is a moderately evolute ammonite genus from the upper Callovian ( Middle Jurassic ) of Europe with a simple apterure and irregular ribbing interrupted by an irregular row of lateral tubercles.
  13. Although the whorl section and ornament of " Forresteria " are variable, it is easily distinguished from " Barroisiceras " by the presence of mid-lateral tubercles on the inner whorls, which later disappear or fuse with either umbilical or ventrolateral tubercles.
  14. ""'Astiericeras " "'is an ammonite from the Lower Cretaceous, the shell of which is evolute, stout; outer whorl with strong, well spaced, transverse ribs that cross smoothly over the broad venter; early whorls with lateral tubercles.
  15. ""'Ermoceras " "'is a thomboceratid ammonite from the Middle Jurassic ( u Baj ) of central Arabia, Sinai, and Algeria with strong primary and secondary ribs and a single row of lateral tubercles; described as having a deep ventral groove
  16. When the knee-joint is fully extended, the triangular depression rests upon the anterior portion of the lateral meniscus, and the medial part of the groove comes into contact with the medial margin of the lateral articular surface of the tibia in front of the lateral tubercle of the tibial intercondyloid eminence.
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