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  1. De Latera during fifty years developed immense activity as a writer.
  2. The duchy of Latera and county of Ronciglione were annexed to it.
  3. Latera, a former clothing retailer, did not return phone messages Wednesday.
  4. Immediately to the northwest are the combined Latera and Vepe calderas, about by.
  5. Ken Latera loved his satellite dish so much that it might cost him his house.
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  7. On its north rim is Latera.
  8. But the 4th District Court of Appeal on Wednesday upheld a judge's ruling that Latera ditch the dish.
  9. Italian routes SS74 and SS312 follow the rim from Valentano through Latera westward, turning off before Mezzano on the other side.
  10. The chords of an ellipse which are perpendicular to the major axis and pass through one of its latera recta of the ellipse.
  11. Owning a satellite dish, the appeal court said, is not a fundamental constitutional right, as Latera's attorney had argued.
  12. Gradoli borders the following Comuni : Bolsena, Capodimonte, Grotte di Castro, Latera, Montefiascone, Onano, San Lorenzo Nuovo, Valentano.
  13. At relatively low altitude, the Vulsini calderas cover about and contain four Pleistocene-age depressions known as Bolsena, Latera, Vepe and Montefascione calderas.
  14. Towards 1265, together with neighbouring lands ( Grotte di Castro, Latera, Gradoli, Cardinal Albornoz brought San Lorenzo again under the jurisdiction of the papacy.
  15. "We're not all believers, " said Latera Samburskaya, 68, a regular at the club, which meets at a new Jewish community center.
  16. Capodimonte borders the following municipalities via the common border, the lake : Bolsena, Gradoli, Latera, Marta, Montefiascone, Piansano, San Lorenzo Nuovo, Tuscania, Valentano.
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