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  1. Once the Soviets had been vanquished, why run another lap?
  2. Through the first 90 laps, there were only two crashes.
  3. Running hills and laps, he hangs in with the rest,
  4. Cobb and Baldi raced one-two for all 51 laps.
  5. Titus said, resting his M-16 across his lap.
  6. It's difficult to find lap in a sentence.
  7. I'm looking forward to some more laps in it.
  8. Just get the kids on your lap and make them happy.
  9. White as well as Hispanic kids have hopped onto his lap.
  10. He understands that lap 500 is where he needs to be.
  11. Earnhardt swept past Martin on lap 196 and went after Marlin.
  12. With 11 laps left, he is running in 14th place.
  13. She climbed into her mother's lap, chatting happily.
  14. But he's also got lapses in judgment ."
  15. She would just get up in your lap and hug you.
  16. Ripken kept going like a colt, ready for another lap.
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