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  1. Waves lap against the windows of submerged homes.
  2. Similar lapses against the ACT could prove disastrous.
  3. Ocean fog and stratus clouds will lap against the Middle Atlantic and New England shores.
  4. Snakes slither in the shadows and the waves of the Caribbean lap against the cliffs.
  5. Lalas, who'd caught hell for his lapses against Guatemala in the opener, threw a straitjacket over Yorke.
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  7. Here on the Baja California peninsula, temperate aqua water laps against desert shores of sand, yucca and creosote bushes.
  8. He said a combination of high tides, strong wind and a big swell caused waves to lap against the construction fence.
  9. Heidi Snow, who lost her fiance, Michel Breistroff, drove to the beach to feel the Atlantic lap against her legs.
  10. The guys have come together very well but we are not a good enough team to have any lapses against quality opposition like Australia,
  11. She said moving from the hard surfaces of the Lipton Championships to the slow clay of Sea Pines caused some serious lapses against Plischke.
  12. She's still learning, of course, and there were lapses against Kournikova, the ninth seed at the dlrs 1 million tournament.
  13. This is one of the prettiest parts of Japan, where clean streams ripple down green hillsides and a gentle sea laps against a sleepy shore.
  14. The Sea of Cortez laps against the east coast and some of the best surf in North America crashes against the Pacific shore on the west.
  15. India's fielders spilled five catches against Kenya and may be left to rue their lapses against any other team in the Super Six round.
  16. This is where the city's ocean laps against suburbia's shoreline, its rising tide swallowing a little more peace and quiet each day.
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