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  1. Raikkonen finished his lap about eight minutes before Schumacher to wind up eighth in qualifying.
  2. To Elizabeth Loftus, psychology professor at the University of Washington, these memory lapses about Apollo 13 are natural.
  3. It happened on the 12th lap about a quarter of the way through the session and it was really my fault.
  4. Vickers ran a lap about 0.14 seconds slower than Newman, and edged teammates Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon.
  5. Darren Manning, who had the third fastest time in practice, spun out on his ninth lap about fifteen minutes later.
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  7. Villeneuve, the PPG Cup points leader trying for his fourth consecutive pole, ran his best lap about halfway through the session.
  8. Schumacher pulled away from his teammate Irvine who forced the McLarens to lap about a second slower than Schumacher in the early stages.
  9. On dozens of occasions, Ickes claimed memory lapses about the events of early 1994, neither denying nor confirming the accounts given by others.
  10. But they have found some politically embarrassing details that they sought to play up Tuesday, notably contradictory accounts and significant memory lapses about important events.
  11. He died in his wife's lap about 50 minutes before we were rescued, " said Peter Lategan of Capetown, South Africa.
  12. In a 500-mile race, I'm on lap about 400 . . . . Some days you're lucky to get up.
  13. The average speed for a lap about the 2.068-mile 3.328-kilometer ( 2.068-mile ) Monaco circuit is barely 143 kph ( 89 mphh ).
  14. Winner Ryan Newman didn't make it any easier for Stewart to climb back into contention, denying him an opportunity to make up the lap about 100 laps before Stewart was finally able to rejoin the lead lap.
  15. In a much more relaxed atmosphere, the Spanish squad trained lightly Saturday morning, the players jostling and play-acting good humoredly with each other between easy laps about the practice pitch at their camp in southeast Korea.
  16. Alex Zanardi, Vasser's teammate with Target-Chip Ganassi Racing, came close with a time of 58.794, but Vasser then put it out of reach with his fast lap about four minutes from the end of the session.

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