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  1. He qualified 27th but crashed out on lap 1 in race 1.
  2. After lap 1 the order was Patrese, Mansell, Berger, Senna, and Alesi.
  3. Toward the end of lap 1 Schumacher surprised Mansell to take third place.
  4. Gugelmin earned the pole with his lap 1 minute, 42.379 seconds on Friday.
  5. Stuck was out on lap 1, as his new engine failed.
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  7. Rosberg and Massa touched on lap 1 and caused damage to Massa's car.
  8. Both shortcomings accounted for a 14-car pileup at the end of Lap 1.
  9. There can't be, as there was last year, a 14-car spinfest on Lap 1.
  10. At the end of lap 1, Collins was in the lead, followed by Brooks.
  11. We are only on Lap 1, and we have a few more to go.
  12. In lap 1, Vic Elford had lost 18 minutes due to a tyre failure.
  13. The flat-12-cylinder engine failed in lap 1 before Sch黷z could take over from Mitter.
  14. On lap 1, Jack Marshall riding a Rex machine.
  15. Gugelmin earned the pole with his lap 1 minute, 42 . 379 seconds on Friday.
  16. The races was slowed for only one yellow to clean up the incident on lap 1.
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