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  1. From mid January to mid March, communist 1st Division of its 1st Army, the 11th and 12th Division of its 2nd Army, troops of Shaanxi Yulin Military Sub-region, and the 5th Cavalry Division completely annihilated several bands of bandits, including those headed by Gao huaixiong ( 貧 ` 臇 ) and Zhang Tingzhi ( _ ?^ 潅 ) in northern Shaanxi, bandits headed by Ma Yinggui ( l汃??) and Ma Zhengzhong ( l欸?N ) in Gansu, bandits headed by Ma Xiancheng ( l?b $ ?) and Mao Laowu ( l?€擭 ) in Qinghai, and bandits headed by Ma Shaowu ( l毻 ~ fk ) in Ningxia.
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