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  1. The mathematical theory of Landau damping is somewhat involved see the section below.
  2. Villani received the Fields Medal for his work on Landau damping and the Boltzmann equation.
  3. A mechanical N-body approach provides together the derivation of electric-field screening and of Landau damping [, ].
  4. Since Landau damping occurs for waves with arbitrarily small amplitudes, this shows the most active particles in this damping are far from being trapped.
  5. His work " On Landau damping " with Villani ( published in 2011 ) was quoted in the Fields Medal laudation of Villani in 2010.
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  7. In a recent paper the initial data issue is solved and Landau damping is mathematically established for the first time for the non-linear Vlasov equation.
  8. Considering Crab-like Pulsars it has been shown that by means of the Landau damping the centrifugally induced electrostatic waves efficiently lose energy transferring it to electrons.
  9. Vlasov Poisson equations are used to describe various phenomena in plasma, in particular Landau damping and the distributions in a Maxwellian, and therefore inaccessible to fluid models.
  10. Effects which are essentially kinetic and not captured by fluid models include double layers, Landau damping, a wide range of instabilities, chemical separation in space plasmas and electron runaway.
  11. Landau damping occurs because of the energy exchange between an electromagnetic wave with phase velocity v _ { ph } and particles in the plasma with velocity approximately equal to v _ { ph }, which can interact strongly with the wave.
  12. Substituting an integral over a smooth distribution function for the discrete sum over the particles in S ( \ mathbf { k }, \ omega ), yields the Vlasovian expression enabling the calculation of Landau damping ( section 6.4 of ).
  13. The two stream instability can be thought of as the inverse of Landau damping, where the existence of a greater number of particles that move slower than the wave phase velocity v _ { ph } as compared with those that move faster, leads to an energy transfer from the wave to the particles.

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