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  1. They receive a nominal rent for the use of the land.
  2. Flights are not permitted to land in crosswinds exceeding 30 knots.
  3. This little sweetheart is as soft riding as your land yacht.
  4. Not everything about the north was the promised land, though.
  5. She had stepped on a land mine on her way home.
  6. It's difficult to find land in a sentence.
  7. Why did Apollo 10 approach the moon, but not land?
  8. "They won't believe us until we land.
  9. The $ 155, 600 price included everything except the land.
  10. Land is not only a monetary issue but a political issue.
  11. Their old land will be cleared and made into a park.
  12. The law of the land in Texas is the state Constitution.
  13. They can land on squares that gain or lose them votes.
  14. Controlled burning has worked particularly well in rangeland and brush land.
  15. So the restaurants raise their wages to land the local workers.
  16. Anna hurried up the beach to watch us land the fish.
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