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  1. The lamp bulbs in this case display were numbered 782 to 1031.
  2. The collection of lamp bulbs is the most comprehensive known in the world.
  3. Alternatively, lamp bulbs may be doped or coated to filter out the UV radiation.
  4. The lamp bulbs manufactured by the company were almost entirely to Swan's design.
  5. Lamp bulbs with dual ( carbon ) filaments were built as early as 1902 to allow adjustable lighting levels.
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  7. Joseph Swan had established the Swan United Electric Light Company in the early 1880s to market the incandescent lamp bulb he had invented.
  8. Co . ", in which the government had challenged GE under the antitrust laws for regimenting the incandescent lamp bulb industry.
  9. Sulfur lamp bulbs with calcium bromide ( CaBr 2 ) added produce a similar spectrum plus a spike in red wavelengths at 625 nm.
  10. You can rule this out by swapping with the desk lamp that you know is working, or trying a new lamp bulb ."
  11. The cut filament, after being formed, is attached to platinum terminals which are sealed into the sides at the lower end of the lamp bulb.
  12. It is good practice to specify three or four spare door seal O-rings and a complete set of fuses and indicator lamp bulbs, at the very least.
  13. Edison built several experimental lamp bulbs with an extra wire, metal plate, or foil inside the bulb that was separate from the filament and thus could serve as an electrode.
  14. In 1925 Pipkin developed a process for etching the inside of a lamp bulb with acid, using a two-step process so that the lamp would not be excessively weakened.
  15. Groups of pins are pressed and protruded with different tools, from specially created ones to more mundane, such as lamp bulbs, spoons, forks, and even Russian Matryoshka dolls.
  16. In 1924, Marvin Pipkin, an American chemist, patented a process for frosting the inside of lamp bulbs without weakening them, and in 1947, he patented a process for coating the inside of lamps with silica.
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