lamp body in a sentence

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  1. Within the Mark's new lamp body are housed standard high-density discharge headlamps.
  2. The lighting revamp begins with the largest lamp body in the industry.
  3. Clear glass cylinders filled with potpourri, shells, pretty rocks or colored marbles can be lamp bodies.
  4. The larger lamp body on the'97 Mark allows Lincoln to make better use of the new light source.
  5. Depending on the quartz glass used for the lamp body, low-pressure and amalgam UV emit radiation at 254 nm and also at 185 nm, which has chemical effects.
  6. It's difficult to find lamp body in a sentence.
  7. Use announcements, invitations, special photos, greeting card sentiments, pretty gift wrap or wallpaper in your decoupage project to give new life and meaning to an old lamp body or shade, screen, serving tray, clock, fan, box or shelf.

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