lain in a sentence

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  1. It has lain untouched in his office for almost a year.
  2. Sometimes the drama of past conventions has lain in credentials disputes.
  3. But both waste sites have lain fallow for a long time.
  4. Passadore said he saw Lain and heard static on his radio.
  5. My father had lain in his own refuse for several hours.
  6. It's difficult to find lain in a sentence.
  7. On occasion, the fault has lain with Kosovo Albanian units.
  8. NBC's strength on Thursdays has lain waste to competitors.
  9. Police say their bodies may have lain there for two weeks.
  10. It was possible the bodies had lain undiscovered for three days.
  11. Pantai yang terkenal antara lain Pantai Tambakrejo, Serang dan Jalasutra.
  12. The problem has lain in Lady Hale's third sentence.
  13. Since their closure, the buildings have lain empty and abandoned.
  14. "But I've always lain out in the sun.
  15. It would have lain on the shelf and not have been used,
  16. She survives him along with their two sons, Lain and Alexander.
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