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"lace with" meaning  "lace with" in Chinese  
  1. Computer habits of a lesser extreme are laced with similar symptoms.
  2. (The order is ) laced with hypocrisy and political opportunism.
  3. While opportunity is laced with danger, we have no courage.
  4. This city is laced with a subtle, sneaky, racism.
  5. It is heavily laced with profanity and has scenes of violence.
  6. It's difficult to find lace with in a sentence.
  7. Cole slaw is lightly laced with pickles, beans taste canned.
  8. It is laced with 31 lines servicing refineries and petrochemical plants.
  9. His comments are usually laced with cliches about just playing hard.
  10. And some are definitely laced with a certain sarcasm and cynicism.
  11. Johnson asked, his voice laced with a trace of disappointment.
  12. His talk was laced with comments on the virtue of work.
  13. High Yield's running style is laced with early speed.
  14. Comments laced with obsessions about speed were rampant for a while.
  15. The language is rich and laced with that wonderful Horovitz humor.
  16. Still, the March numbers were laced with evidence of growth.
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