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  1. The other, Toshiro Kobata, died before dawn.
  2. A Japanese internee, Sematsu Ishizaki, claimed that the camp's commandant, Colonel Clyde Lundy, ordered the deaths of Kobata and Isomura.
  3. Notable LACHSA alumni include singer Josh Groban, actress Jenna Elfman, actor / singer Corbin Bleu, and UCLA Athletics senior executive Ron " Country Club " Kobata.
  4. The "'Lordsburg Killings "'refers to the shooting of two elderly men named Toshiro Kobata and Hirota Isomura at an Lordsburg, New Mexico, on July 27, 1942.
  5. Despite being a minority during the 1930s, Japanese researchers of international diplomacy like Fujita Toyohachi, Akiyama Kenzo, and Kobata Atsushi were keen to point out the link between the piratical activities and foreign trade.
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  7. "Japan needs a real political alternative, like him, " said Kodo Kobata, a veteran lawmaker, as he watched Kan impress a capacity crowd at an auditorium in this northern Japanese city during a recent speaking tour.

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