koa campgrounds in a sentence

  1. CAMPING : An attractive KOA campground is located just north of town.
  2. Later, a Shell service station was built and a KOA campground opened.
  3. Phoenix's owners also run KOA Campground.
  4. Kampgrounds of America owns 11 other KOA campgrounds.
  5. His camper was parked at a KOA campground in the 7400 block of Market Street.
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  7. As of 2016, the KOA campground is the only business in operation in Pittston.
  8. The other mudslide Thursday killed two people at a KOA campground about five miles away in Devore.
  9. Another mudslide Thursday killed two people at a KOA campground about five miles ( eight kilometers ) away in Devore.
  10. Our bustling KOA campground was near the heart of the tourist area and a stone's throw from the Gulf of Mexico.
  11. For a free brochure that details cabins at KOA campgrounds across North America, write KOA, Box 30558, Billings, MT 59114.
  12. By 2002, after stricter quality standards weeded out many campgrounds, KOA campgrounds numbered almost 500, with most being in the United States.
  13. KOA campground on site . $ 7 adults; $ 4 . ages 4-12; under 4 free . 205-635-0024.
  14. Here's their keepsake receipt from the KOA campground and the picture where Duane had written " I love you " in the sand on the beach.
  15. Another wall of water and mud killed a man and a woman at a KOA campground 5 miles away at the foot of the same San Bernardino County mountain range.
  16. Not with a new camping option at 20 KOA campgrounds in California where small log cabins are now available to provide easy camping vacations without having to buy lots of gear.
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