ko wai in a sentence

  1. Eugene actually has ulterior motives for doing this, as he hates Fung to the core for marrying his girlfriend Ko Wai-ting ( Florence Kwok ).
  2. Kwok then goes to a private restaurant where Yeung and his underling Fat Ko Wai are eating and attempts to arrest Yeung before being kicked out by the manager since he does not have a warrant.
  3. Two team-members, Ko Aung Myint Myat and Ko Wai Yan Min Thu, reached the summit on August 31 for the second ascent of the mountain, placing a flag, plaque and Buddha image.
  4. Ko Wai Ting ( Kenny Wong ) is Tong Shap Yat's friend, and they were students together in the same Muay Thai gym, in the intervening years Ko has built a successful Muay Thai boxercise business, based on his own success and the success of his stable of fighters in competition.
  5. But Ka Shing ( Raymond Wong Ho-yin ), although athletic and fit, is a newcomer to Muay Thai, saved by Ko Wai Ting from a beating by muggers, Pat joins Ko's gym to learn enough to protect himself, but initially has no wish to fight in competition.
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