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  1. Bosnian and in old Tajik socks feature a combination of knitting and crochet techniques.
  2. For knitting and crochet books the garments were often based on old patterns which sometimes contained errors.
  3. It refers primarily to woodwork but also paper-folding and sewing, embroidery, knitting and crochet.
  4. N錶binding was used during the Viking-age of 793-1066 ACE in Scandinavia before knitting and crochet were known.
  5. Dropped stitches, which can unravel a fabric, rarely interfere with crochet work, due to a second structural difference between knitting and crochet.
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  8. In knitting and crochet, motifs are made one at a time and joined together to create larger works such as afghan blankets or shawls.
  9. The Association operates also across the Internet, and distributes information about knitting and crochet basic techniques, books, courses, knitting patterns and more.
  10. At first available by invitation only, the site connects knitting and crochet enthusiasts around the world and, had over 6.21 million registered users.
  11. Textile Needle Arts such as machine sewing, hand sewing, braided rugs, needle felting, knitting and crochet are other mediums a visually impaired artist may use.
  12. There were illustrated knitting and crochet pattern books for dressing dolls, encyclopaedia's of dolls from Australia and World Regions, particular types of dolls and toys.
  13. One other event that got an early start Friday was the Tarrant County Fair, a judging of hand-made items including art, food, sewing, knitting and crochet.
  14. A form of needle lace named n錶ebinding seems to generally predate knitting and crochet by thousands of years, partly because it can use far shorter rough-graded threads than knitting does.
  15. She also contributed to the  Queen newspaper, and to various magazines, and published a small book entitled " Cottagers'Comforts, and other Recipes in Knitting and Crochet.
  16. In her knitting and crochet books Marjory gives details and history of the dolls she has used and dresses them in outfits from earlier eras but which are still suitable for modern dolls.
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