knitted together in a sentence

"knitted together" in Chinese  
  1. They run parallel and are knitted together side by side.
  2. It has knitted together well and everything is fine.
  3. Figure and room are often knitted together by an obsessive tangle of spiky lines.
  4. In good tempeh, the beans are knitted together by a mat of white mycelium.
  5. Those ideals knitted together Warren's Progressivism, his Republicanism, and his Masonry ."
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  7. In young children, the extent to which the skull plates have knitted together show the age.
  8. They also found communications networks knitted together with personal computers, cell phones and other electronic devices.
  9. You've got to keep it as tight as you can, really knitted together ."
  10. Griffith said the animal and human tissue knitted together nicely with the remaining half of her own heart.
  11. The larger focus is on the Italian-American culture as it's knitted together by the food.
  12. In communications, the telegraph first knitted together the nation _ and began the connection to the global economy.
  13. These two types of cells are knitted together by proteins to form what are called " tight junctions ".
  14. There are cruisers, destroyers, minesweepers, submarines, landing craft and others, all knitted together in common purpose.
  15. Turkey, a predominantly Islamic state, is an important member of the anti-terror coalition Bush has knitted together.
  16. Felix's eyebrows knitted together; he often had this expression when he was trying especially hard to figure something out.
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