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  1. A sabre saw is a welcome addition to any tool kit.
  2. The hummingbird garden ( 604 kits ) in 8 { minutes.
  3. The kit is available at some supermarkets and food specialty shops.
  4. A one-room cabin makes a good couple starter kit.
  5. Q What should a woman have in her basic makeup kit?
  6. It's difficult to find kit in a sentence.
  7. But they are just a part of our kit of tools.
  8. It affected Sam and Kit Barash, now regular tennis players.
  9. But new litters of kit fox will provide insurance against extinction.
  10. Prices for the kits had not been set, McGill said.
  11. Handsaws have been part of the tool kit since ancient times.
  12. There are no adequate kits for custom-making a lamp.
  13. The Calendar Kit allows you to personalize calendars with family photographs.
  14. The best part of the kit is its high price tag.
  15. They read the trade magazines and insist on the latest kit.
  16. But after an initial spurt, adoption kit sales have cooled.
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