kiln creek in a sentence

  1. "' Lime Kiln Creek "'is a stream within Tulare County in central California.
  2. The local Lime Kiln Creek watershed contains many wildflowers of numerous taxa; included in these are the yellow mariposa lily, " Calochortus luteus ".
  3. Almost the entire Confederate force was now behind earthworks and north of Marsh Creek ( Brick Kiln Creek ), the branch of the Back River at Big Bethel.
  4. The Northwest Branch also begins in Newport News as Brick Kiln Creek, and is dammed along the Hampton city and York County border to form Big Bethel Reservoir.
  5. The Springwater Valley through the center of the town terminates at the lake, and includes many streams that feed into Hemlock Lake, including Springwater Creek and Lime Kiln Creek.
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  7. The state highway leaves the research center vicinity by crossing Brick Kiln Creek, a tributary of the SR 171, which heads west as Victory Boulevard and east as Little Florida Road.
  8. The fortified position at Big Bethel Church was a short distance further north from Little Bethel Church, along and mainly north of Marsh Creek ( now named Brick Kiln Creek ), a tributary of Back Creek.
  9. "' Lime Kiln Creek "'( or " Lime Kiln Drain " ) was an outlet onto the Humber Estuary in Kingston upon Hull, England, thought to be a previous outlet of the River Hull onto the estuary.

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