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  1. Kilns with fire and kiln chambers have also been found at the Kalibangan site . ]]
  2. Heat was generated by a 100 hp ( 74.6 kW ) boiler and transferred to the kiln chambers by a series of tubes.
  3. All of the operating elements of the facility remain intact including the fuel system, boiler, steam engine and electric generator, most of the heating tubes, fans, kiln chambers and reconditioning chamber.
  4. Han dynasty grey pottery its color derived from the clay that was used was superior to earlier Chinese grey pottery due to the Han people's use of larger kiln chambers, longer firing tunnels, and improved chimney designs.
  5. The place has an arresting impact as an industrial ruin-the concrete hulk of the kiln chambers, the rusted galvanised iron and weathered timber, the slowly decaying remnants of machinery, equipment, fixtures and fittings-all combine to evoke a tough industrial aesthetic.
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