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  1. Lustered wares have a third firing at a lower temperature, necessitating a delicate control of the amount of oxygen in the kiln atmosphere and therefore a flame-burning kiln.
  2. Gregory never used factory-made glazes, instead grinding and mixing all of the glazes himself, carefully controlling firing temperatures as well as kiln atmosphere to achieve the effects that he desired.
  3. However, this stoichiometry is only maintained if there is substantial surplus oxygen in the kiln atmosphere : if " reducing conditions " set in, then sulfur is lost as SO 2, and reactive aluminates start to form.
  4. The appearance of yixing products, such as its colour or texture, can be enriched and altered through the addition of various metal oxides into the yixing clay, through the manipulation of firing temperatures, and also from regulating the kiln atmosphere ( oxidative versus reductive ).
  5. Celadon glazes can be produced in a variety of colors, including white, grey, blue and yellow, depending on several factors : 1 ) the thickness of the applied glaze, 2 ) the type of clay to which it is applied, 3 ) the exact chemical makeup of the glaze, 4 ) the firing temperature 5 ) the degree of reduction in the kiln atmosphere and 6 ) the degree of opacity in the glaze.
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