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  1. Mark Kilmurry is artistic director of the Ensemble Theatre, Sydney.
  2. At club level, he plays with Kilmurry Ibrickane and has had much success.
  3. They overcame Cappa / Kilmurry in the semi final by 5 5 to 4 6.
  4. The current ( Kilmurry-Ibrickane who became the county champions for the fourteenth time overall.
  5. There are two primary schools in the parish, Kilmurry McMahon National School and Labasheeda National School.
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  7. E . B . ( Edmund ) Barry, became the first parish priest of Kilmurry Ibrickane.
  8. Minor renovations were carried out in Kilmurry during summer 2011, mostly to the Kitchens of the residences.
  9. Both were descended from Mathias Kenny of Treanmanagh, Kilmurry Ibricken and Dysert, Dysert, Co . Clare.
  10. "' Kilmurry GAA "'is a Gaelic football club based in the division of Ireland.
  11. It served both the parishes of Kilfarboy ( Milltown Malbay ) and Kilmurry Ibrickane ( Mullagh, Coore ).
  12. "' Shannon Gaels "'is the GAA club of Kilmurry McMahon / Labasheeda, County Clare.
  13. "Kilmurry Village " is the second oldest student village and is located in the east of the campus.
  14. Most remarkable is the win of 1935, when they played the final against there fellow parishioners and later amalgation partners Kilmurry Ibrickane.
  15. While still a student in UCC, he had coached teams of Kilmurry Ibrickane GAA to Clare U-16 and Minor Football titles.
  16. Her range of work was dominated by the theme of nature and her subject matter reflected the scenes of domesticity surrounding her Kilmurry home.
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