kilmurry ibrickane in a sentence

  1. At club level, he plays with Kilmurry Ibrickane and has had much success.
  2. E . B . ( Edmund ) Barry, became the first parish priest of Kilmurry Ibrickane.
  3. It served both the parishes of Kilfarboy ( Milltown Malbay ) and Kilmurry Ibrickane ( Mullagh, Coore ).
  4. Most remarkable is the win of 1935, when they played the final against there fellow parishioners and later amalgation partners Kilmurry Ibrickane.
  5. While still a student in UCC, he had coached teams of Kilmurry Ibrickane GAA to Clare U-16 and Minor Football titles.
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  7. The Catholic Church, belonging to the parish Kilmurry Ibrickane, is the most prominent building, its round tower being visible for miles around the flat countryside.
  8. By forming a school team consisting of players out of the parishes Kilmurry Ibrickane, Milltown Malbay, Doonbeg and Cree-Cooraclare, Morrissey defused most of the tensions.
  9. He took charge of the Senior Football team in a period that the relationship between the neighbouring clubs Kilmurry Ibrickane GAA and Milltown Malbay GAA were at an all-time low and rivalry at an all-time high.

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