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  1. A " yes " vote favors killing the project.
  2. It's better than killing him, right ?"
  3. When the killings began, Tutsis fled to churches for protection.
  4. You have a black man accused of killing a white woman,
  5. Comparatively few people end up on Death Row for killing intimates,
  6. It's difficult to find killings in a sentence.
  7. Responsible abortion opponents denounce the killers and their killing as abominations.
  8. Some suspect every owner makes a killing because of franchise appreciation.
  9. Let's taper off gradually by killing a computer monitor.
  10. The killing started in Kigali, the capital, then spread.
  11. Other villagers also said that Kamanzi tried to stop the killings.
  12. "Medicaid is killing us . " he said.
  13. A teen-age neighbor has been charged with killing Amanda.
  14. It seems an unthinkable crime : mothers'killing their children.
  15. The Red Terror in Ethiopia was the killing of a generation.
  16. Mothers cannot produce Bosnians as fast as Izetbegovic is killing them.
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