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  1. The 24th-ranked penalty-killing unit has been either very good or very bad.
  2. The penalty killing unit normally consists of two forwards and two defencemen.
  3. Last season, the Rangers had the second-worst penalty-killing unit in the league.
  4. The power-play and penalty-killing units rank near the top of the league.
  5. The penalty-killing unit allowed seven goals in the last two games-both losses.
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  7. They are key members of the power play and the penalty-killing units.
  8. SPECIAL TEAMS The power-play and penalty-killing units have been erratic since November.
  9. The Senators had the best penalty-killing unit on the road last season.
  10. And the Kings penalty-killing unit handled the Blues potentially potent power play.
  11. These killing units should be viewed in conjunction with the Holocaust.
  12. Their penalty-killing unit allowed 19 goals in its last 63 chances.
  13. The Kings penalty-killing unit already had allowed 15 goals this season.
  14. The Coyotes'penalty-killing unit ended up fifth-best at 87 . 1 percent.
  15. Kings assistant Mark Hardy is in charge of the penalty-killing unit.
  16. And on Thursday night they added defenseman Ken Daneyko to the penalty-killing unit.
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