killing tree in a sentence

  1. It is also known as Killing Tree and Butchering Tree.
  2. The Killing Tree's musical style is less conventional than Rise Against.
  3. She did not like to use too much paper because it meant killing trees.
  4. These may accumulate up to deep, killing trees by their concentration of chemicals.
  5. Oak wilt is a devastating disease, killing trees rapidly in a single season.
  6. It's difficult to find killing tree in a sentence.
  7. Embrace the Internet and stop killing trees.
  8. The Falcon also saw contributions from Todd Mohney of The Killing Tree and formerly Rise Against.
  9. So despite the success of the SO2 reduction plan, acid rain keeps killing trees and lakes.
  10. Infants were fatally smashed against the Chankiri Tree ( Killing Tree ) at Choeung Ek, Cambodia.
  11. It spreads from tree to tree by root grafts, killing trees in an ever-widening circle.
  12. Friends of Nature started a campaign to bring one's own chopsticks to restaurants to avoid killing trees.
  13. TRISTEZA _ Tristeza, the citrus disease the public has never heard of, is killing trees in groves.
  14. Q . You mentioned something called Rootrine in a column in 1999 for killing tree roots clogging a sewer line.
  15. Next to a busy expressway, protesters camp out in tents amid signs with slogans saying " Stop killing trees ."
  16. That rescue worsened floods in the central Everglades, including tribal land, killing trees and ruining crops for the sacred Green Corn Dance.
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