killing time in a sentence

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  1. Waiting for Jeff, Sky and Linda have been killing time playing backgammon.
  2. He's not killing time; he's doing everything he can to freeze it.
  3. Then " Killing Time " came out, and never found its audience.
  4. Meanwhile, I'm killing time trying to get your foreign policy to rise.
  5. But that's not what makes " Killing Time " tough to read.
  6. It's difficult to find killing time in a sentence.
  7. This meant killing time in women's wear divisions of assorted marts.
  8. Killing time, he throws darts and practices his putting stroke in his office.
  9. As a result, " Killing Time " is just a waste of time.
  10. He used the experience in his first mystery, " Greenwich Killing Time ."
  11. Like nearly 40 percent of their age group, they are just killing time.
  12. Killing Time "'is a 2013 post-apocalyptic short film by Gizem Senel.
  13. This was a team killing time before the next round of the tournament.
  14. At the time I was just standing up there killing time.
  15. Halo was filled with their generation, 23-year-olds killing time until their lives begin.
  16. It's only killing time, " said Rivlin, a member of Sharon's Likud Party.
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