killing this in a sentence

"killing this" in Chinese  
  1. The shooting of Iweiwi was the third such killing this week.
  2. The slayings brought to 725 the number of killings this year.
  3. But killing this person is not going to bring her back.
  4. The bill comes after a series of honor killings this month.
  5. I think we are killing this crop way too early.
  6. It's difficult to find killing this in a sentence.
  7. Vitale testified about those killings this summer at Massino's trial.
  8. Medicare knows exactly what's killing this man.
  9. On society : " You know what's killing this country?
  10. It has been blamed for 23 killings this year.
  11. The high-profile killings this week provoked a new round of recriminations.
  12. ETA has been blamed for 12 killings this year.
  13. It has been blamed for 15 killings this year.
  14. Bidal's death marked the fourth killing this year, police said.
  15. Kjellberg, 33, has been used mostly on penalty killing this season.
  16. Killing this alien usually requires visiting the subway tunnel.
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