killing the night in a sentence

  1. An unreleased track called " " Killing The Night " " was downloadable from this page.
  2. The killings the night before may have been intended to lure security personnel to the scene to be attacked.
  3. Police Maj . Gen . Moch Dayat was quoted as saying there were no killings the night after the arrests.
  4. After killing the night watchman, the Deep One is about to take the statue when he is interrupted by Dr . Blaine's young aide, Arthur Wilcox Hodgkins.
  5. Branigan said, however, that Stobie had told police after his arrest that he had actually warned the police anti-terrorist intelligence unit, Special Branch, about an imminent killing the night Finucane was shot.
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  7. Back in Augusta, Tony Torre was talking about the batting cages and video arcades connected to Skylands Park, and the 5 P . M . Saturday starts that allow families to catch the game without killing the night.
  8. In 1985, they released the album " Killing The Night " ( produced by Alphaville's producer Wolfgang Loos ), including the single " Across The Rainbow ", where a video was shot.
  9. Separately, a trio of suspected Islamic militants attacked a post office Thursday night in Miliana, 70 kilometers ( 45 miles ) west of the capital, killing the night watchman, his son and a third person, APS reported.
  10. In San Francisco, after letting him know that he planned on killing the Night Man and a member of the Freex, Rafferty attacked Swan in Golden Gate Park, savagely beating him, and sabotaging Swan's special gun.

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