kill rock stars records in a sentence

  1. Free Kitten released three albums on the Kill Rock Stars record label and a fourth album on Moore's Ecstatic Peace label.
  2. With current mail-order Internet stores like CDnow, an album on Kill Rock Stars Records can already have the same visibility as one on Columbia or Atlantic.
  3. After the release of their first single'On the Rocks 7 "', a joint production of Dischord and Kill Rock Stars records they toured the United States and played regionally around the Northeast.
  4. In 1998 the band toured the US to support the stateside release of the album, and a third single followed on Kill Rock Stars records, including two tracks performed on the band s Peel Session earlier the same year.
  5. The first half, entitled " Someday This Could All Be Yours ( vol . 1 The Calamities ) " was released on May 26, 2009 through Kill Rock Stars Records, though the second part has remained unreleased since the band's dissolution.
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