kill reality in a sentence

  1. Williams later became a radio host, while Wilson appeared in various documentaries and TV specials like " Kill Reality " and " Real Hot ".
  2. Entertainment reality show " Kill Reality ", which documented the filming of " The Scorned ", a television movie featuring a cast of people who had been on reality television shows; McKibbin played a singer in the film.
  3. Cannatella has also appeared on other reality shows, such as " The Surreal Life ", " Battle of the Network Reality Stars ", and " Kill Reality ", the latter of which also featured Hill and Cooley.
  4. Cardon received second The Amazing Race, finishing in 3rd place with her then boyfriend Adam Malis . " TV Guide " reported that Cardon and Mallis were favored to win, but that frequent arguments between the two " seemed to hold them back throughout the contest . " Also in 2005 she appeared on one episode of the E ! reality series " Kill Reality ", a series that followed filming of the film " The Scorned, " with its cast of former reality show participants.
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