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  1. F4s with 20mm cannons, were less fortunate, stacking up a 0.7-1 kill ratio.
  2. Soviet sources report kill ratios of 75-85 % during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
  3. The kill ratio in favour of the helicopters climbed even higher during this period.
  4. JV 44 performed with success during its brief history, achieving a 4-to-1 kill ratio.
  5. A kill ratio is required to be met in order to reach the next stage.
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  7. The A10 did slightly better with its 30mm gun stacking up a 1.3-1 kill ratio.
  8. During the remainder of the Vietnam War, the Navy kill ratio climbed to 8.33 to 1.
  9. Between 1965 and the bombing halt in 1968, the USAF had a 2.15 to 1 kill ratio.
  10. "I'm not in the business of kill ratios, " said Lt . Col Applegate of the 19th Artillery.
  11. Weber shuddered at the kill ratio.
  12. Eventually, these USAF F-86 units would establish a kill ratio of 10 : 1 versus their KPAF adversaries.
  13. Our kill ratio is 100 percent,
  14. Against the Soviet and Western Allied production numbers, even a 10 : 1 kill ratio was not sufficient.
  15. Force ratio, or kill ratio?
  16. These zones helped the 9th Division achieve an unlikely enemy-to-GI kill ratio of 134 : 1 in April 1969.
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