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  1. For Pseudomonas and E-coli, the kill rate was consistently at 99 percent.
  2. But in 1994, the monthly kill rate was back up to 28.
  3. The kill rate against Lithuanian Jews was more than 90 percent.
  4. The jump in the kill rate has pushed cash prices lower.
  5. For Pseudomonas and E . coli, the kill rate was consistently at 99 percent.
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  7. In the 1980s alone the kill rate, mainly from poaching, reached 200 a day.
  8. Marseille's kill rate was low, and he went from June to August without a victory.
  9. This was far worse than the 10-plus to 1 kill rate during the Korean War.
  10. Conservationists became alarmed and demanded controls on kill rates.
  11. Adversely, the reluctance of the Soviet airmen to fight caused Hartmann's kill rate to drop.
  12. Koevoet became notorious for its high kill rate and for its atrocities against local Namibian people.
  13. They also had killed 22 of 24 power plays for an extremely effective 91.7 percent kill rate.
  14. We had a 100 percent kill rate.
  15. In 1996, the kill rates again increased to over 200, 000 each year, except in the year 2000.
  16. The Islanders posted the fourth-best penalty kill rate and allowed the fewest power play goals during the season.
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