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  1. The Hellfire has a relatively light warhead and a small kill radius.
  2. The fragmentation kill radius was approximately 15 metres with the sleeve and 10 metres without.
  3. High explosive rounds fired by the M252 weigh and can have an effective kill radius of.
  4. When fitted over the grenade the sleeve improves the kill radius by producing a number of diamond-shaped, heavier fragments.
  5. Due to the fragments'rapid loss of velocity, the kill radius is small, making this grenade an " offensive " type.
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  7. Rounds fired from the mortar can reach as high as and hit the ground with an effective kill radius of nearly.
  8. The 107-millimeter rockets believed used in the attack have a " kill radius " of about 50 meters ( 55 yards ).
  9. Shelling of civilian areas with [ [ 155mm | ] ] shells using Doher howitzers, with a kill radius of, also increased.
  10. The 107-millimeter rockets believed used in the attack have a " kill radius " of about 50 meters ( 50 yards ).
  11. So that suggests the effective kill radius of the explosion was even less .-- Talk 20 : 32, 25 October 2012 ( UTC)
  12. At the briefing the army also emphasized that the helicopter gunships fired Hellfire missiles, which have a light warhead and relatively small kill radius.
  13. He said the shell had a " kill radius " of 50 meters ( yards ), and a " casualty radius " three times further.
  14. "A grenade has a kill radius of five meters so if one gets thrown it will only take out one person at a time, " said Pfc.
  15. The fragments were often too small and light to be effective, there was not enough explosive material to create a large kill radius, and many fragments were dispersed vertically and away from the target.

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