kill process in a sentence

  1. Apparently it's not a total system freeze, since you can apparently get to Task Manager and kill processes.
  2. Principal among the offered commands are means to forcibly unmount file systems, kill processes, recover keyboard state, and write unwritten data to disk.
  3. If so, reboot and kill processes selectively, until you find the culprit . talk ) 06 : 31, 11 March 2010 ( UTC)
  4. The only exception I could think of is if it kills processes by logged out users, and if the first command caused the user to logout.
  5. I couldn't up the virtual memory fast enough to keep up . ) I installed uniblue process scanner and can now tell what the stuff in my taskmanager is actually up to and kill processes that hog resources without doing anything.
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  7. Alt-Tab worked, Shift-Windows-M didn't, and the Task Manager under Windows 98 only kills processes or reboots the computer, there's no Run menu there . talk ) 13 : 09, 25 March 2010 ( UTC)
  8. This will at least avoid a true crash in the sense of system failure and allow the system to continue running some programs, save program data, etc . It is also important to note that fragmentation is a phenomenon of system software design; different software will be susceptible to fragmentation to different degrees, and it is possible to design a system that will never be forced to shut down or kill processes as a result of memory fragmentation.
  9. Few people want programs that refuse to terminate when you tell them to because they have'rights'. ( And if you've used a Windows and a large variety of third party programs enough, you've probably encountered the problem when kill process doesn't actually kill the process . ) People may voluntarily accept limitations in some cases if they feel they improve things, but it's not clear what benefit there is to have a third'party'resolving'disputes'between OS and program.

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