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  1. Kill probability against larger propeller driven aircraft like the AN-12 was estimated at 0.43.
  2. Multiple PAD and AAD interceptors can be launched against a target for high kill probability.
  3. The system's combined kill probability is 0.96 to 0.99.
  4. The LY-60 uses semi-active radar homing with a single shot kill probability of between 60-70 %.
  5. "The cumulative kill probability of these systems would provide a nearly leakproof defense, " says Urias.
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  7. The 9K22 is reported to have a kill probability of 0.6 with missiles ( 9M311 ).
  8. In total 452 Sidewinders were fired during the Vietnam War, resulting in a kill probability of 0.18.
  9. It can also decide the number of interceptors required for the target for an assured kill probability.
  10. This might well indicate a very effective system, with a high kill probability ( " Pk " ).
  11. System response time is reported to be 15 seconds and a single-salvo has a kill probability of 0.8.
  12. The system utilises radio Mach 8 and the single-shot kill probability is quoted as 0.85, presumably against a high altitude bomber-type target.
  13. Improvements continued throughout the next twenty years, adding improved Jane's " reported that the original system's single shot kill probability was 0.56; I-Hawk improved this to 0.85.
  14. Even so, its kill rate was only 13 % in combat, leading to a practice of ripple-firing all four at once in hopes of increasing kill probability.
  15. The P k ( kill probability ) of the AIM-7E was less than 10 %; US fighter pilots shot down 59 aircraft out of the 612 Sparrows fired.
  16. Kill probability is quoted as being 0.35-0.85 for the Osa and 0.55-0.85 for the Osa-AK and Osa-AKM ( presumably depending upon target aspect, speed, maneuverability and radar cross section ).
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