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  1. "But he started the kill point, " he said.
  2. Despite high ratings, " The Kill Point " was not renewed for a second season.
  3. Aristotle's theory links the logic-model to the Phase gate process thereby introducing deliberation and kill points.
  4. In 2007, Kasserman landed a role on SpikeTV's " The Kill Point " as technology expert Tonray.
  5. She covered the July 22, 2007, " The Kill Point " series premiere party live on her lifecast video stream.
  6. It's difficult to find kill point in a sentence.
  7. In July 2007, Spike TV aired their drama series " The Kill Point ", starring Leguizamo, Donnie Wahlberg and Michael Hyatt.
  8. It also has a series of physical activities and offline missions that players can do to get more kill points and money.
  9. The game requires players to assume both roles as an assassin and target, with a mission to get the most number of kill points.
  10. Ryan Sands ( Lloyd " Truck " Garrick ) was supposed to appear in this episode but Sands was busy filming " The Kill Point ".
  11. The reason is Matrix increase the production and resources for both sides ( Allies more than Japan ) and as a result depreciated the value of kill points.
  12. At the end of the tournament, the player with the most number of kill points will win air tickets to any city that he managed to make a successful " kill ".
  13. In 2006, Wahlberg also played Lieutenant Commander Burton in the military / boxing drama " A & E . Also in 2007, he starred on the TV series " The Kill Point ".
  14. On TV, McGlone's credits include " Crash " on the StarzNetwork and " The Kill Point " on Spike TV, as well as a recurring role on CBS's very well received " Psych.
  15. Partially grilling meats, then refrigerating or allowing them to sit out before finishing them off on the barbecue basically warms the innermost part to ideal germ-generating temperatures without heating it to the kill point, says Gee.
  16. Kuma Games; along with their original properties Kuma \ War and Dinohunters also produces games based on other TV properties such as The History Channel's Dogfights and ShootOut ! series, as well as The Kill Point for Spike TV.
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