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  1. Once-a-month topical products are the most commonly used products to kill parasite infestations.
  2. Home freezers may not be cold enough to kill parasites.
  3. They're trying granular activated carbon to remove chemicals and ozone gas to kill parasites.
  4. There's one major benefit to eating fish that's been frozen : Freezing kills parasites.
  5. :Petroleum jelly and mineral oil are sometimes used to kill parasites on animals-mainly through suffocation.
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  7. Freezing is often used to kill parasites.
  8. It is important to be aware that home freezers may not be cold enough to kill parasites.
  9. It kills parasites in 48 hours.
  10. _A device that delivered mild electric current to kill parasites allegedly responsible for diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's.
  11. According to a former European Union directive, freezing fish at-20 癈 (-4 癋 ) for 24 hours kills parasites.
  12. A dip vat is a long narrow, deep pool, which is filled with a pesticide that kills parasites on animals.
  13. The agencies said these people should consider boiling or filtering water to kill parasites or buy certain types of bottled water.
  14. To kill parasites found in such fish as salmon and halibut, eaten raw in sushi and sashimi, flash freezing will be required.
  15. According to European Union regulations, freezing fish at  " 20 癈 (  " 4 癋 ) for 24 hours kills parasites.
  16. Per Food and Drug Administration regulations, raw fish served in the United States must be frozen prior to serving in order to kill parasites.
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