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  1. "HIV / AIDS kills over 8, 000 people " every day, Neurieter said.
  2. Malaria kills over a million people a year, 700, 000 of them children.
  3. _Infectious diseases and parasites kill over 16 million people a year.
  4. According to the World Health Organization, smoking kills over five million people every year.
  5. Oblt Franz Schie?also claimed 20 kills over Tunisia.
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  7. Smoking kills over half a million EU citizens per year, robbing people years of life expectancy,
  8. They follow the blood trail to White Tip's kill, and she reluctantly hands her kill over.
  9. Rippert stated he reported the kill over his radio, but no documents exist to verify his account.
  10. Each year, this innocuous-looking plant kills over six times as many Americans as were killed in Vietnam.
  11. Gunmen kill over 60 tourists in Luxor in the worst act of terrorism in the country's history.
  12. It is an insult to kill over.
  13. At Hill 200, Burke managed to kill over one-hundred men, decimate two mortar emplacements, and three machine-gun nests.
  14. Despite the use of fish screens, the cooling system kills over a billion fish eggs and larvae annually.
  15. Khan had long worked with Lassa fever, a disease that kills over 5, 000 a year in Africa.
  16. Despite heavy casualties the Manchukuo Army managed to kill over two thousand guerrillas including some of their leaders.
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