kill out in a sentence

"kill out" in Chinese  
  1. Some people kill out of meanness or they want your money.
  2. Race cars made road kill out of talking animals at the box office.
  3. If the HP bar reaches zero twice, this is considered a Kill Out.
  4. Texas has no law calling for enhanced penalties for people who kill out of racial hatred.
  5. Like keeping clean campsites _ garbage attracts bears _ and hanging their ( hunting ) kill out of reach.
  6. It's difficult to find kill out in a sentence.
  7. We need Bob to come in and be a calming influence on us and hopefully help our penalty kill out.
  8. Along the way, Mitch helps deliver a calf from a dying cow, which Curly kills out of mercy.
  9. Hunters prefer to seek game in wild forests because they can use cars or trucks to transport their kills out.
  10. Radar guided missiles achieved 75 % Pk ( 9 kills out of 12 shots ) in operation Desert Storm in 1991.
  11. The AIM-9L Sidewinder scored 19 kills out of 26 fired missiles ( 73 % ) in the 1982 Falklands War.
  12. Narayan Oli, a distraught sociology student, asked : " What man would try to kill out his whole family line?
  13. Women, say prosecutors and defense lawyers, tend to kill out of fear rather than anger, although a homicidal rage by a woman is not unheard of.
  14. Keith Blanchard, the editor in chief, promised to " kill out of hand " any use of " babe " in his pages.
  15. When the proportion of homicides involving jealousy is considered, rather than the absolute number of such acts, women are just as likely to kill out of jealousy as men are.
  16. Long thought to quickly break down in the environment, the insecticides are now known to last for weeks, creating toxic pulses in rivers that kill out the small creatures that feed fish.
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