kill oscar in a sentence

  1. In one of the " Kill Oscar " chapters, Jaime jumps from the window of a particularly tall building while trying to escape the Fembots.
  2. In the process he kills Oscar Cordero, Red John's henchman, by shooting him as he rushes into the church to save Red John.
  3. In order to get Darren closer, Sienna attempts to officially get rid of Nancy and she frames Nancy for trying to kill Oscar, Charlie and herself.
  4. When Sienna Blake ( Anna Passey ) frames Nancy for trying to kill Oscar and Charlie, Nancy is taken in to a mental institute and Darren and Sienna begin a relationship.
  5. While she is killed by Lionel, who has in fact been a puppet built by a famous clockmaker the Comtesse kidnapped, the Comtesse and her servants try to kill Oscar, Rosalie and Andr?
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  7. The testimony of Henry Davis and Oscar Davis's sons proved damning, and several witnesses also testified that they had heard Waller declare he would come home with his wheat or kill Oscar Davis.
  8. However, her biggest and possibly most memorable TV role was guest starring on " The Six Million Dollar Man " and " The Bionic Woman " three part epic crossover entitled " "'Kill Oscar "'".
  9. The portmanteau "'fembot "'( female robot ) was popularized by the television series " The Bionic Woman " in the episode " Kill Oscar " ( 1976 ) and later used in the same source as the term " robot ".
  10. Houseman was reunited with " The Paper Chase " co-star Lindsay Wagner in " Kill Oscar ", a three-part joint episode of the popular science-fiction series " The Bionic Woman " and " The Six Million Dollar Man " as the scientific genius Dr . Franklin.

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