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"kill order" in Chinese  
  1. Thousands of army soldiers with shoot-to-kill orders have been deployed in the state.
  2. Shoot-to-kill orders went out to Pakistan border guards for anyone seen crossing illicitly.
  3. Breaking it, they find a decoded kill order in its frame.
  4. As per GM's " kill order ", it was reportedly scrapped in 1958.
  5. The interim government's shoot-to-kill orders resulted in indiscriminate killing of many ethnic Uzbeks.
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  7. Troopers heard Republic members issuing shoot-to-kill orders against police over the radio, Cox said.
  8. During the fight, he discovers a kill order for Sloan and realizes his treachery.
  9. Many were killed by East German soldiers following shoot-to-kill orders.
  10. A shoot to kill order was issued.
  11. This was followed by another shoot-to-kill order from the Chief of Armed Forces, General Tunku Osman Jiwa.
  12. Honey re-installs the healthcare chip at the last second, preventing Baymax from carrying out the kill order.
  13. Kyle later tries to have Pierce killed, based on a kill order from the FBI, during ambush.
  14. Later, between 8.30 and 9.00 pm, a shoot-to-kill order was given by Inspector General of Police Mat Salleh.
  15. A shoot-to-kill order has been given.
  16. Mistaking him for Batman because of his costume, they act on Mayor Klass s shoot-to-kill orders, and open fire.
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