kill or die in a sentence

  1. "We are prepared to kill or die, " said Brazilian striker Ronaldo.
  2. Human beings at times will kill or die for ideas or words that do not mean the same for everyone.
  3. Robert Plant sang and changed the word " religion " with " division " in the sentence " Nothing to kill or die for / And no division too ".
  4. And now, faced with the evil of Osama bin Laden, they can no longer imagine there's " nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too ."
  5. While she says she has never seen any homophobia at the weddings she has planned, Ms . Blum has seen lots of bridesmaids who look as if they were ready to kill or die, often both.
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  7. Legend has it that they were the first of the Vikings and there is a blood oath between the clans, that if one ever calls on the other in a time of need, they are bound by that oath, to kill or die for the other.
  8. Do you think someone touchy enough about his honor that he's willing to kill or die over it will participate in a " duel " that consists of blundering around in the dark, whacking away at someone with an axe ?-- Carnildo 23 : 41, 13 March 2007 ( UTC)
  9. Dwight enters and gets Brian off of Paula, and they run out to the shop class and hide after Brian exclaims, " YOU'RE A YANKEE DOODLE DANDY TOO; YOU TWO MUST KILL OR DIE ! " Brian knows they are in there, so he follows them while locking them in and turning on all the equipment.
  10. "The Yiddish Trojan Women " has craft, it has passion and it asks real questions about how we live : what we believe in, what we yearn for, what we'd kill or die for; what principles we want to live by and which ones we're willing to live with until something better comes along.
  11. Once people see that they've been divided into groups, they'll act accordingly, even if they know that the divisions are as meaningless as, oh, the University of Arizona versus Arizona State . " We know that human beings identify with social groups, sometimes sufficiently to kill or die on their behalf, " she says . " What is not as well known is that such identity between self and group can form rapidly, often following a psychological route that is relatively subconscious.

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