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  1. Bennett is also author of " Kill or Cure?
  2. Prescription to kill or cure the ailing economies?
  3. Some claim that silver boosts the immune system and can kill or cure 650 ailments ranging from warts to anthrax.
  4. Indeed, Coates had told him that the American tour would'kill or cure'him, and considered the result a'cure '.
  5. They made " Kill or Cure ? ", two series of programmes on injury from prescribed drugs, together with pharmacologist Dr Andrew Herxheimer.
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  7. He also writes of Asclepius, the Greek god of healing, who made use of the blood of Medusa, a drop of which could either kill or cure.
  8. This was followed by a supporting role in the Kill or Cure ", starring Terry-Thomas with a cast of British comedy stalwarts including one of the first film appearances by Ronnie Barker.
  9. ""'Kill or Cure " "'is a British comedy film, in which an inept police officer is called to investigate the strange goings-on at a health club.
  10. "This is kill or cure for this government, " said David Adams, one of hundreds of Conservative local councilors who lost their seats when the governing party was virtually obliterated in local elections in England and Wales last month.
  11. At the end of 1982, Adams was recruited by Joan Shenton to work with her company Meditel Productions on " Kill or Cure ? ", a series about the pharmaceutical industry and damage caused by prescription drugs for Channel 4.
  12. The anti-communist and anti-gay lyrics of'Rock Against Communism'and'Kill or Cure'on the'Giving of Loving Costs Nothing'ep and other similarly themed later songs opened the group to charges of fascism and homophobia.

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