kill or capture in a sentence

  1. We have yet to kill or capture a foreign fighter in Tikrit.
  2. Matu asks for Carter's help to kill or capture Philston.
  3. Our mission is to find, kill or capture.
  4. Abu-Hanoud had survived previous Israeli attempts to kill or capture him.
  5. Efforts by the Marines to kill or capture Sandino over the summer failed.
  6. It's difficult to find kill or capture in a sentence.
  7. Others are deployed to kill or capture enemies.
  8. We will either kill or capture these Taliban,
  9. If you don't, we will kill or capture you,"
  10. U . S . commanders have vowed to " kill or capture"
  11. Past offensives have failed to kill or capture any major al-Qaida leaders.
  12. On 9 March 1916, the Mexican punitive expedition to kill or capture Villa.
  13. Underhill s force managed to kill or capture twenty Indians in a surprise attack.
  14. To do that it will have to kill or capture these intent, angry men.
  15. We need to kill or capture them.
  16. "Our mission was find, kill or capture, " he said.
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